Episode 2: Abundance

What does it look like to engage with the world from a place of abundance? On this week’s episode we answer a listener’s question about cultivating abundance in your life. We also talk about #metoo and offer some tips for caring for yourself amidst so much disclosure about sexual assault. Lastly, we share a few things giving us life these days, including a plus size model and a throw back song guaranteed to get you moving.

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Episode 1: Meet Your Healers

What does it take to find yourself after a divorce? How do you make room for yourself while parenting a young child? On this first episode of Tonic, we offer some answers to our very first caller who is searching for herself post-divorce. We also spend some time allowing you to get to know us a little (or a lot) better. Lastly, we share what is giving us life these days.

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Introducing: Tonic

Our new healing advice podcast is here, and we need your questions!

Introducing a brand new show from healer/activists Richael Faithful, Miriam Zoila Pérez and Karen L. Culpepper!

Tonic is all about giving you advice for what ails you–whether it’s life, love or challenges with self-care and spirit. We’ll be answering your questions and bringing our expertise as healers of color who believe that to get free we all need to be well cared for.

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