Thank You! The End of the Oxalis Collective



We are writing to share with our community that the three of us have decided to end the Oxalis Collective.


It was a decision that we arrived at after nearly six months of processing. Ultimately we wish to honor what is best for each of us. We are very grateful for the spaces we were able to create through the collective, and the insights that we each learned throughout our collaboration.


This shift also means the end of Tonic: A Healing Advice Podcast. We deeply appreciate everyone who supported this project by listening, sharing, and contributing questions.


We invite our community to view this transition as an outcome of practices we brought to activist spaces, which sought clarity about values, needs, and perspectives. We are grateful to have reached clarity about our collective at this time.


Although the Oxalis Collective is no more, the spirit of our work continues. You can follow our respective work:


Richael –, FB: @faithfulfolkhealer, IG: @richael_faithful_folk_healer


Pérez , IG: @miriamzperez, newsletter:


Karen – Instagram: @embracingrhythm, newsletter:


Thank YOU for calling our collective into being, and supporting us throughout our experience. May we all continue to nurture our collective healing and grow healing justice in our movements.



Richael, Karen and Pérez

Author: richaelfaithful

Multidisciplinary folk healer from the Black healing tradition of conjure.

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