Episode 19: Breastfeeding

On this week’s episode we answer a question from a listener who struggled to breastfeed with her first child and is looking for guidance as she works through that experience in preparation for a second pregnancy. We also talk about our own experiences with family separation in the context of what is going on politically. We end with what is giving us life: cooking, cupping, World Cup dancing and friend support.

Trigger Warning: In our first segment we address a number of topics that might be triggering: family separation, violence and trauma. If you’d like to skip that segment, move ahead to the 34 minute mark for our phone a healer segment about breastfeeding.

We’re taking a brief late summer break beginning in August through mid-September. If you’ve been meaning to send in a question, now is the time before we record next week! Send us an email or a voice memo to tonicpodcast@gmail.com.

Things we mentioned in the episode:


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