Episode 10: Dealing with Fear

Does fear keep you from living the life you want to live? Do you struggle with depression? On this week’s episode we answer a listener question about overcoming fear and how to find healing when you can’t afford therapy.  We also talk about navigating harm and maintaining relationships in movement work. We end with things giving us life–books, Will Smith singing La Bamba and trans reclamation of naming ceremonies.

Have a question for a future show? Send us a voice memo to tonicpodcast@gmail.com.

Correction: Richael – “I’m sorry listeners! I incorrectly claimed that Alice Coltrane is still with us, when she, in fact, became an ancestor in 2007. I believed she was alive because a posthumous album was released under her name just last year. My main point was that Alice Coltrane was alive and relevant after the 1970s, releasing powerful music, so anyone speaking about her work, should acknowledge her contributions after Journey to Satchidananda <3”

Things we mentioned on the show:

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